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About Us

In December 2015 I turned my hobby into a business.  
I know it sounds cliché, and it didn’t come easy … but I made it happen.
Through shear perseverance, adversity and some broken dreams I gathered my passion for designing, crafting and art with my legal and business acumen and created a successful career in art and craft kits.


My story begins after I had graduated from law school.  Like any law school grad I took the bar exam, then got a great job as a prosecutor.   While waiting for my bar results I used my time crafting.

But the waiting lasted for more then two years.  Having only passed half of the bar exam after several attempts, and still living at home, I watched my legal dreams fade. I delved deeper in to art, which was a welcome release to the logic of the laws and rules.  Using my creativity balanced the studying and hardship. Being a dyslexic, I knew that passing the bar was a giant hurdle, but I wasn’t going to give up.

I started big, creating large-scale mosaic pieces, some crafted on guitars and tables and wall hangings. The disability gave me other gifts.  I could build intricate designs, create beautiful art in many forms and share my ideas and skills with others.

At first I found interest in a craft that was popular in the 1970’s, string art. I created a few designs and started selling on Etsy, the online shop.  But I didn’t see myself as a starving artist. So I had found a way to keep creating these string art designs and sell the projects as kits that people can make themselves.  The kits took off!!! People loved the uniqueness of the art, the designs I’d created the quality of the materials and the ease of the craft.

Since late 2015 String of The Art has been chosen as a top art kit on Buzzfeed, featured on craft blogs, seen in Country Day Living creativity issue January- Febraury 2018, and I have designed string art for Primitives by Kathy.  

What next?  Beading. I started gathering colorful glass Japanese delica beads and using my glass mosaic skills, string art skills to start designing intricate but easy peyote stitch bracelets. In creating the new company Bead Brilliantly, I tried to design pieces that are contemporary but timeless.  I wanted designs that look complicated but were easy to bead. I wanted the clasps to be fashionable and unique and a perfect match for each individual piece. Each bracelet had to pass the girlfriend/sister/mom test…. I asked for input from all three.

Between, stringing, beading, creating web sites, public relations, marketing and hanging out with my yellow lab, Summer, I am enjoying my career and my life.  Ok, so I had to give up those suits, the ties, my law books….. but what a great trade that was to be able to bring creativity to thousands of people. Art on!